• realistic physical computations of kinematic and thermodynamic processes of damageable and glueable rigid bodies
  • programmable matter for constructing digital organisms
  • graph editor for visualization and manipulation
  • multi-thread support for large-scale simulations
  • software is open-source and available under the GNU General Public License, Version 3 (GPLv3)


About the project

alien is a shortform for artificial life environment and denotes a software tool aiming to simulate digital organisms embedded in an artificial ecosystem and conditions for (pre-)biotic evolution. See the objectives of the project.

Elementary constituents of the simulated matter are free to be programmed in order to extend their capabilities and operate in their environment for special purposes.
Complex and interconnected structures have the potential to perform arbitrary higher-order tasks. They may emerge spontaneously or by your intervention in the simulation.

You have full control of space, time and matter. Explore intriguing worlds which are beyond imagination!

See how to get started.

Latest news

  • [September 30, 2018]

The new feature branch feature/CUDA has been created in order to develop support for GPU computing.

  • [September 16, 2018]

A new screencast showing the blending of different colored materials is online on YouTube.

  • [August 9, 2018]

An installer of alien for Microsoft Windows 10 is now available.