Source code

Please visit the GitHub repository.


If the program crashes and the cause is unknown, please check the following:

  • You have an Nvidia graphics card with a compute capability of at least 5.2. Please check
  • Your Nvidia driver is up to date. This is because every CUDA version requires a minimum driver version. It is not necessary to install the CUDA toolkit to run the exe.
  • If you have multiple graphics cards, please check that your primary monitor is connected to the CUDA-powered card. ALIEN uses only one graphics card for computation as well as rendering and chooses the one with the highest compute capability.
  • If you have both integrated and dedicated graphics cards, please go to the Nvidia Control Panel and open "3D Settings" -> "Manage 3D Settings" and make sure that "High Performance NVIDIA Processor" is selected as "Preferred graphics processor".

Only relevant for ALIEN version 2.x:

  • If the program starts but only a part is rendered in the simulation view, this is due to the scaling of the Windows elements. In this case, please set "100%" to "Scale and Layout" in the Windows display settings.
  • If you have an Nvidia card with Pascal architecture (e.g. GeForce 10 series), there are many reported problems that the simulation freezes after startup. This problem will be fixed in the upcoming version 3.0.