Getting started

1. Download the binaries or sources

The simplest way to get ALIEN on your system with Microsoft Windows is to use the installer. However, if you want to compile ALIEN by yourself or if you use an operating system other than Microsoft Windows, you can obtain the sources from the GitHub-repository. A cross-platform CMake script is provided there. The master branch contains the latest stable version whereas the develop branch includes the latest features.

2. Running simulation from given examples

After starting the program a default simulation is loaded and a help window with first steps is provided. The user interface is designed in a way that the most important functions such as starting and pausing simulations, spatial navigation and simulation parameters can be found in separate windows very quickly.

3. Designing your own universe

The simulation software provides visual editing tools such as a graph and code editor for building own machines based on particles. Let your creativity and ideas run free! To obtain a deeper insight into the rules and mechanisms of alien please read the documentation. It describes how to design own machines featuring a desired behavior.