Getting started

1. Download the binaries or sources

The simplest way to get alien on your system with Microsoft Windows is to use the installer. However if you would like to obtain the newest development version you can download the sources from a gitlab-repository. The master branch contains the latest stable versions whereas the developer branch may contain unfinished features.

2. Playing with example universes

After starting the program you find an empty universe. As a good starting point you can open an existing simulation from the examples.
For instance the delivered simulation file replication.sim shows replicator machines at work.

You can simply run the simulation by invoking the play button. alien delivers standard navigation functions such as zooming and scrolling.
Furthermore an edit mode can be activated at any time (also during running simulation). That mode is only recommended when using a high zoom level.

3. Designing your own universe

To obtain a deeper insight into the rules and mechanisms of alien please read the documentation. It describes how to design own machines featuring a desired behavior. The simulation software provides convenient editing tools such as a graph editor for the machines embedded in the universe.