Main features

  • Interactive physics simulation of damageable and glueable soft bodies and fluids 
  • Genetic system and neural networks for simulating digital organisms and evolution
  • Built-in graph and genome editor for designing own agents and environments
  • Simulation and rendering on GPU
  • Spatio-temporally varying simulation parameters
  • Software is open-source and available under the BSD-3-Clause License


System requirements

  • Nvidia graphics card with compute capability version 6.0 (Pascal architecture) or higher
  • 4 GB video memory recommended


       Download installer for Windows    

       or visit ALIEN on   

About the software project

ALIEN  is an artificial life simulation program based on a specialized physics and rendering engine in CUDA. It is designed to simulate digital organisms in artificial ecosystems and to serve as a platform for evolution simulations.

See the objectives of the project and how to get started.

Latest news

  • [August 31, 2023]

Version 4.0 is now available: featuring a genetic system with editor, new cell functions including neural networks, fluid solver, a wider range of statistics function, dynamic parameter zones and much more 

  • [June 25, 2022]

Version 3.2.0 released: simulation browser (for downloading/uploading/rating) and image to particles converter added 

  • [May 22, 2022]

A Discord server has been established as a place for discussions, new developments and feedback.

  • [April 24, 2022]

A short introduction to ALIEN can be found in the April 2022 edition of the ALife Newsletter.


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