Simulation results

In this section, some results on long-term simulations will be presented. The simulated particles in ALIEN can be connected and programmed to feature self-replicating capabilities. In contrast to evolutionary algorithms with external fitness measurement and selection, evolutionary processes of structures that already possess the capability for self-replication are to be investigated here. Two main types of self-replicating structures are investigated: replication by self-inspection and replication by information-processing. The first type of replicators are able to scan their own parts and initiate a step-by-step copy process of each part. The second type of replicator uses a digital analog of DNA, in which the construction information of each part is stored in an internal memory.

The following pages show experiments and results on large time scales on both replicator types. Please note that the results revealed here are only based on superficial analysis and are not discussed in depth. All experiments were conducted with ALIEN v2.0. 

In an older version of the software and its underlying model, experimental results with evolving structures using genetic algorithms were published: