You find two branches in that repository: One for the stable versions (master branch) and an other one for current developments (developer branch).

To built the sources, one has to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or higher. The solution file is contained in msvc/Gui/alien.sln. The following external libaries are necessary:

  • Qt 5.8 or higher should be installed
  • boost library version 1.65.1 should be installed in external/boost_1_65_1 of the repository
  • gtest framework is already contained in the repository in external/gtest

Please note that the (experimental) GPU project in source/ModelGpu/ requiring Nvidia CUDA is not necessary to build alien.

Provided that an appropriate build system is set up, it is in principle possible to compile the sources on other platforms (e.g. using gcc) since only cross-platform frameworks are used.